1 - Position Title: Restaurant Manager

Position Duties: Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of all the workers engaged in the operation of the restaurant, the preparation of the food, the service of the food, the respect of the rules of cleaning and hygiene.

Develop menus in accordance with guidelines, select and recruit workers, establish work teams' schedules, delegate work, ensure the proper preservation and preparation of food, supervise customer service management, control application rules of cleaning and hygiene.

Greet restaurant customers, assist with food and wine preparation using accepted techniques and guidelines, assist with customer service.

Requirements: 2 years of supervisory experience in the restaurant industry or similar role involving customer service management, delegation work, food and wine preparation, respect for food quality.

Specific skills: 2 years or experience as a restaurant manager or similar role involving, delegation of work, respect for food preservation, proper preparation of dishes, management of customer service, control of food 'application of cleaning and hygiene rules.


2 - Position Title: Assistant Manager, Marketing

Position Duties: Coordinate bakery marketing activities and assist with advertising campaigns and delivering marketing strategies prepared by Marketing Manager. Assist in pricing strategies and supporting lead generation efforts as assigned by Marketing Manager. Assist Marketing Manager in creating promotional bakery sales and brand awareness, identifying new customers, and creating communication strategies and promotional material using online marketing (social media and content marketing) to market new products.

Requirements: 2 years of marketing and advertising experience in food service industry involving advertising campaigns and delivering marketing strategies using online marketing tools (social media and content marketing) and creating communication strategies to market new products.